Quest for Authenticity

My photo project is exploring the concept of time and creating an authentic window into the lives of Londoners.

Ten years ago, my dad introduced me to Lubischev, an extraordinary scientist who devised a time management system which has been a big part of my life ever since. During 50 years of his life, Lubischev devised an immaculate system whereby he kept a detailed record of everything he did, from work and recreation to general life admin. With every decade the scientist became more and more productive, using a spreadsheet to record how he spent his time down to 5 minute intervals; for several decades.

Inspired by Lubischev and my personal time experiments, I am creating a visual record of how people spend their time. More specifically I am observing a day in life of ordinary people so that I can photograph their most private moments.

So often, we only see a filtered version of someone's life through social media as people generally only share the "best" parts of their life. The aim of this project is to draw an authentic parallel to this narrative by presenting a genuine "life in the day" for a variety of individuals.